Anger and Hope

Balancing anger and hope can bring about the change needed in the world – that seeing an injustice, whether individual, collective or systemic, firstly inspires frustration. Rather than optimism – blind faith despite reality – we must prioritise hope, a feeling that based on what we see, on what we experience, we truly believe that we can make a difference – that a better future is possible.

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A year in the job – looking ahead

Is there much point in writing a look-back at the past 12 months? We all know what a thoroughly rotten year it’s been. At this point, simply asking ‘How are you?’ is to mercilessly flog the ghost of a long-dead horse. You’re OK at best and have been wearing the same pair of jeans for 5 months. I’ve today reached the milestone of a year in the job, and while this wouldn’t ordinarily merit much – if any – attention, my time at Green Park is a tape measure tied to one of the most significant societal upheavals in modern history. Or maybe I’m trying to find an excuse to drag out the soapbox again.

Years of Long Knives

A day’s passed since a mob invaded Washington DC’s Capitol Building, at the express direction and continuing approval of the newly-banned-from-Facebook President of the United States. No, they’re not protestors: they’re terrorists who tried to overthrow an election through violent intimidation. This is a case study of the distinction between a protest and a riot, between direct action and an attempted coup; and it doesn’t matter how successful or incompetent the attempted coup might be, it’s still an attempt. Let there be no doubt that had Black Lives Matter protestors gathered outside the capitol, they would have been met with heavily armed riot police covering their faces so as to hide their identity. Oh wait, that already happened.

An Uncultured War

I’m a bit late to the party criticising Baroness Stowell, much to my regret. However, milady’s latest in the rag behind “ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE” and “FURY AT BBC SEX CHANGE SHOW FOR 6-YEAR-OLDS” is one of the more obtusely fraudulent and morally spurious pieces of writing I’ve read in at least 9 days.

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