A year in the job – looking ahead

Is there much point in writing a look-back at the past 12 months? We all know what a thoroughly rotten year it’s been. At this point, simply asking ‘How are you?’ is to mercilessly flog the ghost of a long-dead horse. You’re OK at best and have been wearing the same pair of jeans for…

Years of Long Knives

A day’s passed since a mob invaded Washington DC’s Capitol Building, at the express direction and continuing approval of the newly-banned-from-Facebook President of the United States. No, they’re not protestors: they’re terrorists who tried to overthrow an election through violent intimidation. This is a case study of the distinction between a protest and a riot,…

An Uncultured War

I’m a bit late to the party criticising Baroness Stowell, much to my regret. However, milady’s latest in the rag behind “ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE” and “FURY AT BBC SEX CHANGE SHOW FOR 6-YEAR-OLDS” is one of the more obtusely fraudulent and morally spurious pieces of writing I’ve read in at least 9 days.

Corporate to Charity – A Roadmap of the Triple Bottom Line

Charity. Hell of a word. Hell of a concept. Ambiguity, challenge and opportunity run through ‘charity’ like sticks of rock. Recruiting for charities is a funny old world. Granted, you meet, interact with and learn from some fascinating, mission-driven people. People campaigning to make the workplace fairer for people with disabilities. People lobbying government ministers…

One step forward, two steps back: status quo in charity recruitment

I, like most functioning members of the human race, didn’t grow up wanting to be a recruiter. Three years later, I’m still here and have found an unexpected fascination with and enduring motivation for the role charity headhunters really play. Or maybe I’m just saying this for the benefit of my boss.

A memo to Keir Starmer: Black Lives Matter is not a “moment”

I like Keir Starmer. Looks good in a suit, right? He outclasses Boris Johnson in PMQs every Wednesday. “Forensic.” Seems like the kind of guy both your nan and your dad would like. Hell, I’m a proud Corbynite who happily voted for him to become Leader of the Labour Party.  But here we are again.…

Tear Them Down

A statue is not a neutral remembrance of historical facts and figures, teaching us about the proud history of our nation, as right-wing imperialists would have us believe. Statues are rather commemoration and glorification, an attempt to mainstream and idolise legacy.

Anger and Hope – An Introduction

I’ve never been an enthusiastic writer. In fact, I’ve always shied away from it. Throughout my adolescence, even feeling the temptation to write, I was crippled with embarrassment in the face of presumed mockery and indifference. Or perhaps that’s just an excuse for leaving university essay deadlines until the last minute.  A lot’s happened in…

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