A year in the job – looking ahead

Is there much point in writing a look-back at the past 12 months? We all know what a thoroughly rotten year it’s been. At this point, simply asking ‘How are you?’ is to mercilessly flog the ghost of a long-dead horse. You’re OK at best and have been wearing the same pair of jeans for 5 months. I’ve today reached the milestone of a year in the job, and while this wouldn’t ordinarily merit much – if any – attention, my time at Green Park is a tape measure tied to one of the most significant societal upheavals in modern history. Or maybe I’m trying to find an excuse to drag out the soapbox again.

A memo to Keir Starmer: Black Lives Matter is not a “moment”

I like Keir Starmer. Looks good in a suit, right? He outclasses Boris Johnson in PMQs every Wednesday. “Forensic.” Seems like the kind of guy both your nan and your dad would like. Hell, I’m a proud Corbynite who happily voted for him to become Leader of the Labour Party.  But here we are again.Continue reading “A memo to Keir Starmer: Black Lives Matter is not a “moment””

Anger and Hope – An Introduction

I’ve never been an enthusiastic writer. In fact, I’ve always shied away from it. Throughout my adolescence, even feeling the temptation to write, I was crippled with embarrassment in the face of presumed mockery and indifference. Or perhaps that’s just an excuse for leaving university essay deadlines until the last minute.  A lot’s happened inContinue reading “Anger and Hope – An Introduction”